Mexican Vanilla - Class 2


The vanilla originated and grown in Mexico has a distinct floral bouquet due to the natural environment where it is grown and pollinated. The Mexican vanilla has a genetic variation and aromas that are not found in other countries.


Our Class 2 vanilla is moist, flexible, fleshy and full flavoured. The moisture rate is high, and the bean will split easily and to work with. The Mexican Class 2  high quality pods measure 15 - 17 cm in length. 


For Just Pure Vanilla, supporting the biodiversity where the vanilla grows will bring important benefits for the rescue of the vanilla, that has been an emblematic Mexican plant in the culinary art. Which is also considered the second product with the highest value and demand in the international market.

  • When you receive your vanilla beans, we recommend that they are used as soon as possible. The vanilla beans can be stored for several months by keeping the pods out of sunlight and the heat; in cool dry temperatures between 15° and 20° C. But not refrigerated. Ensure that your hands are clean before handling and place the pods into an airtight glass container.

    If you are using the beans to make vanilla extract, it is good practice to put the pods into the spirits immediately upon arrival. 


    If stored correctly the vanilla bean can be kept indefinitely. They continue to age and mature over time and the fragrance along with it. It is recommended to buy the quantities of vanilla that will be consumed within 12 months to have the freshest moist, plump and full flavoured vanilla pods. 


    The vanilla bean pod is a 100% natural product and like any natural product it can go bad. However, given the nature of the strong skin of the vanilla bean and the protective naturally-occurring vanillin oil it is surprisingly durable and usually salvageable.

    Be sure not to confuse mould with the shiny, reflective crystals of vanilla that can form on the outside of your vanilla. This is an indication of quality beans.


    You might notice white frosting/crystals on the pods. This is a perfectly normal occurrence. The white frosting/crystals are actually Vanillin crystals and may form from time to time. However, please note that incorrect storage can also result in the formation of mildew or fungus. To determine if the discolouration is due to Vanillin Crystals or Mildew/Fungus, firstly, you should smell the affected pod to check for any odour and secondly hold the pod against natural sunlight. If the pod smells rotten and does not reflect light then the affected pods should be discarded as this can spread to the uninfected pods.


    Sometimes, due to temperature and humidity conditions, or how the beans are stored, the vanillin in the beans (vanillin being the principal flavour component in vanilla beans that gives them their characteristic vanilla flavour) will actually crystalize out to the surface of the beans.


  • Pod length: 15cm - 17cm (approx.)

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